Short Travel Switch keyboards

Short Travcel Keyboards

Short Travel Switch keyboards

ACL develops and produces customer-specific short travel switch keyboards, based on a construction with a PCB with short travel switches, metal or plastic carrier and a front foil.
There are numerous versions available with a choice of dimensions, numbers of switches and colours.

  • SMD or conventional switches
  • Front foils with / without antibacterial topcoat
  • With / without embossing (rim, pillow)
  • Integrated LEDs, LED blocks, pressure sensors and other (electronic) components
  • Texts and logos via labelling strips
  • EMC shielding capabilities
  • Backlighting
  • Integration of LED ring illumination for buttons
  • And more

Further integration with front foils, supports, housings (TFT) displays, inverters, controllers, motherboards, joysticks and other components is possible:

  • Front films in desired sizes, colours and styles available
  • Front foils with / without antibacterial topcoat
  • Carriers and housings made from aluminium, steel, stainless steel or plastic
  • Opportunities for very thick aluminium enclosures (e.g. 80mm)
  • ACL applies TFT displays from various manufacturers such as Sharp, AuO, Toshiba, and CMO


We would like to inform you about the extensive possibilities and show you some specific examples.