The integration of all elements is an essential step in the production and development of customized control panels.

A control panel consists of a number of elements, namely:

  • Cover
  • Carrier
  • Switching Technologies
  • Other components
  • Integration

When integrating a cover, carrier, switching technologies, and any other components, the challenge is to assemble all these in a way that creates a sustainable approach that meets the functional and visual requirements of customers and end users.
ACL is brand-independent and selects, together with the client, which manufacturer’s components are most suitable for the desired product. Think for example of a choice of touch screens or displays.
Every customer is unique with specific needs and requirements.
Thanks to ACL´s extensive experience, gained in more than 30 years of development and production, we can offer an optimized integration solution for each market and/or application.

To give you an idea of the many factors that affect the selection of materials and the integration methodology, below you’ll find an (incomplete) list of materials and issues that are important influencers during the development, production and product lifecycle::

  • Plastics, aluminium and stainless steel…
  • Dimensions, thicknesses, tolerances and smoothness…
  • Joining techniques, adhesive, sealant, spacers and transparent adhesive layers…
  • Surface treatment
  • Expansion coefficients
  • IP requirements
  • Air containment / dust particles
  • Durability
  • Standards
  • UL / CSA
  • Reach / RoHs

  • Temperature influences
  • Relative humidity
  • CE /EMC
  • Noise reduction
  • Heat development
  • Markings / camouflage
  • Scratch resistance
  • Cleaning properties
  • Resistance to weathering and chemicals etc.
  • Adhesion properties