Productieproces ACL

The production process of ACL consists of a large number of steps in which the key processes are executed in-house.

Production competencies

ACL features an industrial screen printing facility, a foil processing department with laser, cutting plotter and embossing machines, a CNC milling department, a body shop and a mechanical workshop. We also have a modern cleanroom, for dust-sensitive operations such as the assembly of displays, touch screens and various bonding technologies.
The composition of the products takes place in qualified (ESD) assembly departments.

Since 2001, ACL has been ISO 9001 certified, and since 2008 we have also been ISO 14001 certified. All products are tested during the various process steps (in-process controls) and always receive a final functional test with 100% optical control.

Through an efficient and sophisticated production process, where automation plays an increasingly important role, we are able to meet both the product sophistication and cost-minimization needs of our customers. To ensure sophistication, over the years, ACL has built up a reliable supplier base in the high-tech region of Eindhoven, these suppliers contribute specialist knowledge that we need to reach our goals.

And to ensure cost-minimization, we purchase many components and relatively non-critical products from Asian and Eastern European partners.